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Digital – Adobe Illustrator
Mixed media

B.E.I.N.G. is a collaborative meta-fictional editorial which parallels the spreading of fake news in the form of a fictional world.


Its final deliverable is a experimental folder belonging to the fictional main character Scientist Yue, who has sought the help of her fellow research colleagues on Planet F4.K3 in order to clue in on what exactly Being 0211 is.


Contributors invited provided information on Being 0211 sequentially, which meant that they could intentionally provide information which either supports or denies the previous contributor's information, just like how information from the word-of-mouth spreads.

The way each contributor's information is presented is visually conceptualised to represent their role in the story (for example, a biochemist, biophonist etc.)

Special thanks to:

Amanda Oh, Amber Chan, Bryan Leow, Chris Tan, Desiree Ong, Jacob Chio, Louisa Lek, Vanessa Wong & Tan Yue Shuian for your lovely and hilarious contributions!

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