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•School of Thought educational portal

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Adobe Illustrator, Figma

Worked on and collaborated with stakeholders to design a digital interface for blended learning for the team at School of Thought (SOT).
This digital portal would host School of Thought’s curriculum with different digital media formats, such as videos, articles, infographics and quizzes, to facilitate independent learning. The learning portal was also designed to align with the centre's branding.

Created and translated wireframes to final designs with illustrations.

SOT Online Portal

Mockup of SOT Online Portal

Prototyping of SOT portal

In rebranding the SOT main website, we tried to portray the friendly and nurturing nature of the SOT team by making it look more friendly and welcoming for both students and parents by including more a more vibrant yellow, while still preserving the serious notion of education and tuition with a darker blue. Simple doodle illustrations, script fonts and dotted line motifs were used intentionally to perpetuate the brand. 

See prototype

Assets for explainer video
Created assets for an explainer video about Singapore's cultural history based on storyboarding provided.

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