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•To live would be an awfully big adventure•




Digital – Adobe Photoshop

Traditional – Silkscreen


Silkscreen print design inspired by a quote from Peter Pan for a school project. Printed and sold T-shirts with an A4 silkscreen print of this design.

For the first part of the project, I came up with 3 designs based on 3 different movie quotes. Having chosen this design,  I printed it on 2 sheets on transparency and exposed them onto silkscreen emulsion. The excess emulsion was then washed off with a water jet to create a stencil.

Silkscreen ink was then dragged across stencil to create prints.

For this project, I used black ink provided by the school, but decided to try printing white on black. I bought a rather pricey white ink that was effectively used up on a single shirt. :'D 

Wanting to print white on blacks, I opted for a cheaper option which did NOT pay off. The white ink barely showed up on the T-shirt, much to my disappointment.


Lesson learned: You get what you pay for.

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