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•meme almanac•





Digital – Adobe Illustrator

Meme Almanac is a mini stylised infographic about memes. The almanac analyses various attributes of the memes that appear on my social media feed over the course of a week and also give preface and highlights the legitimacy of memes as the language of popular culture.

The act of chancing upon memes and sharing them in the digital realm is juxtaposed to farming, a more organic process hence the term “meme farmer” is used. Thus, I referenced this using more organic materials used in agriculture.


A woven sack fabric was used to package the almanac and plywood was cut and engraved with images of memes that trended the most over the course of the week of recording such that you could put paper over it and shade it to get an imprint (in the same way memes are acquired and spread).  The final product was printed on vege parchment paper to produce translucency and an organic texture to contextualise it.

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