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Road repurposing

LTA Connect_FA.jpg



Adobe Illustrator

What is road repurposing and why is it needed? How will it help residents and improve traffic and human flow?


This LTA Connect infographic is meant to accompany an 800 word article and summarise LTA's plans to repurpose roads into cycling paths in the city-state of Singapore.

LTA Draft 2.png

Initial sketch – Showing a scene of a modern cityscape with people utilising the newly repurposed roads.

LTA Connect Draft 3.png

Initial vectorised draft – Depicting the scene with vibrant colours to show the liveliness of the cityscape, with annotations added to highlight new features of repurposed roads.

LTA Connect_FA.jpg

Final draft – Pulling out spots of the infographic to highlight the specific repurposed features and added details with tweaks to improve diversity of people being depicted.

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