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•Green sproutz singapore logo refresh•

GSS New Logo 2024 Circle.jpg



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Logo redesign project for Green Sproutz Singapore, a local social enterprise in Singapore specialising in sustainability education in schools, private sectors and public sectors.

About Green Sproutz Singapore

Green Sproutz Singapore is a social enterprise that specialises in waste reduction consultation and environmental sustainability outreach programmes for corporate and community partners, helping everyone to discover creative ways of living sustainably.

old logo design

GSS Old Logo

Green Sproutz Singapore's previous logo since 2015 had a blocky serif font  with solid and saturated colours. Aligning with the company's mission of community outreach, the style of the current logo seemed a bit too corporate and solemn.

new logo design

GSS New Logo 2024.jpg

New typeface:

P22 Mackinac


With the new logo, the blocky black serif typeface was changed out to the typeface 'P22 Mackinac' which has serif ligatures and caps.


New colour scheme:

Muted earthy tones

The black type fill was replaced with a dark brown (#695D46) and a foresty, muted green  (#7F9965) replaces the artificial, saturated green. Coupled with a lower opacity, in the graphic of a sprout gives of a gentler look.

Overall, the revised logo gives of a more friendly, humble and feminine image which aligns more with the company's culture and outreach style.

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