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•Dumbo book cover design•




Digital – Adobe Illustrator
and Indesign


Dumbo: Redesign is a handmade A5 hardcover re-interpretation and design of children’s classic Dumbo. Text was adopted from Disney’s A Little Golden Book series of ‘Dumbo’. 

In the story, Dumbo’s key interactions with other characters like his mother and Timothy Mouse are summarised through key concepts. The concept for the cover re-design was adopted from the story content, with ‘Arise’ and ‘Defence’ being expanded upon for the  cover, jacket and half-jacket design.

A triangular motif containing shapes and primary colours is used to express the theme of ‘Defence’, while referencing the motifs of a circus. The jacket is translucent with a design that accompanies that of the book cover. The cover design can be seen emerging from under the jacket design, portraying the theme of ‘Arise’.

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