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•cyborg cockroach illustrations
(ntu phd)•





Scientific illustrations for a PhD project headed by Associate Professor Hirotaka Sato, which explores using the Madagascar hissing cockroach as a key role in disaster search-and-rescue.

See this article about this project here: Straits Times (2024)

About the project

For this Cyborg Cockroach project, I created four different scientific illustrations to demonstrate the anatomy and functions of the cyborg cockroaches.

Diagram 1:
simulated cyborg functionality

Diagram 1 coloured.jpg

This diagram demonstrates the simulated function and movement of cyborg cockroaches. The camera meant to be equipped on the cockroach is fixed onto a dustpan and connects through wi-fi to a laptop where visual feedback is shown and recorded.

Diagram 2 & 3:
cyborg cockroach anatomy

Cyborg Roach_closeup.jpg

The above diagrams feature closeups of the cyborg cockroach equipped with an electrical board with intricate components that connect the biological parts of the cockroach directly to the electrical components and notes of the board.

Diagram 4:
explainer infographic


This diagram features the different scenarios where the cyborg cockroach would meet certain obstacles and rubble, and have to nagivate a simulated rough terrain of disaster sites. 

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