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•children of
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Digital – Adobe Photoshop

Children of the Internet is a 900mm x 1280mm poster which serves to surface the discourse about how technology has revolutionised the way we receive and process information in our current day and age.


Children born in the years after are brought up with the entire Internet as their social circle and are in a sense “brought up” by the Internet. They receive a bulk of daily news and information from the social media platforms they partake in. Sell-out culture and indulgence in controversial trends go unquestioned and are celebrated. 

How will children of the future be brought up independent of their parents as human life beecomes increasingly assimilated with the digital realm? Children of the Internet projects and parodies current trends on the Internet such as vaporwave, mukbang and beauty to get people to consider the future human convention.

children of the internet.jpg
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