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Digital - Adobe Illustrator, InDesign Digital Photography - Nikon 3500 Printed and saddle-stitched


A simple 8 page saddle-stitched zine featuring illustrations and photographs to bring out the essence of Chinatown in Singapore.

Everyone in class had to pick an area in Singapore that we did not live in and were not familiar with. I chose Chinatown because I had not had the chance to explore the area, even as a local (and also because it wasn't just filled with residential flats). As a result, I took the opportunity to step into all the temples there, and walked around the entire area spanning from Chinatown to Telok Ayer to Club Street. Along the way, I took many photos that you can check out below too!

After gathering and classifying information, I created this zine to share the beauty of Chinatown with everyone! :D

zine pages

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