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Figma, Adobe Illustrator

Researched for, conceptualised and executed the Broader Perspectives website and a print issue of Broader Perspectives by and with Think Tank Studio. Collaborated with stakeholders including design, editorial, business operations, communications, freelancers and developers. Broader Perspectives is a magazine series that contextualises current affairs through curated articles and infographics for A-level GP and IB students, as well as young adults who are interested in current affairs.

In 2022, Broader Perspectives takes on a hybrid format, including both print and digital issues throughout the year.

BP Landing Page.png

Prototyping and execution of the Broader Perspectives website

For this project, the Broader Perspectives (BP) website was to be redesigned with adaptations of its previous format. The purpose of this redesign was to revise and improve the information hierarchy presented for the new hybrid sales model of the magazine, as well as consistency of branding and graphics across screens.

Main areas of improvement

1. New typography and illustration styles were adopted to keep branding cohesive throughout the site.

Screenshots from Figma and new Broader Perspectives website

2. The information hierarchy on some pages were not as clear before; either some information had to be shifted to other pages, or typographic hierarchy had to be used to differentiate them more.

Previous BP Website Landing
Landing page was filled up with information of similar hierarchy, hard to tell what was important

New BP Website Landing
New landing page shifted some additional information (i.e. information about subscription package) to the About page and only retained previews from 2021 articles and the Shop section.

Previous BP Issue Landing
Issue landing page was a long scroll with varying formats of hierarchy across different issues. Top header also looked like another clickable article.